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Reality Therapy

According to Reality Therapy, we share 5 mass desires as humans.


Recognition, Success, Importance, Achievement, Skills


Enjoyment, Laughter, Learning, Change

Love & Belonging

Belonging, Being Loved, Being Respected, Friendship, Sharing, Cooperation


Health, Relaxation, Sensual Activity, Food, Warmth


Choices, Independence, Freedom From, Freedom To

Perhaps each human has a natural emphasis on some categories more so than others. But with this information, you can identify areas where you might be lacking. Then, if you want, you can take the necessary steps to improve those particular areas. 

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut in life. Especially in relation to your work. At least for me, anyway.

Join me in a thought experiment..

Have you ever considered a radical change to your current lifestyle?

What if there is a lifestyle you would enjoy 100% more than your current lifestyle, but you never came to realize it. What about a lifestyle that would be a 500% improvement? What if, all this time, you were only inches away from one of these changes, but you never took the time to consider an alternative to your current routine. 

How much time and energy do you allocate to exploring this possibility? 

If you are overly focused on work, perhaps it is time for you to let loose a little! Perhaps it is time to take your play more seriously!

If you spend most of your time alone, perhaps you will enjoy a new adventure with some friends interested in the same hobbies as you.

Look back at all the things you have spent money on over the past 10 years...

How much of it was a complete waste?

Based on what you know now, how much time and money could you have saved on things that were dead ends? Are you still wasting time and money on something that will be a dead end 10 years from now? 

How can you know for sure? What is your plan to make sure this is not happening? 

The solution is simple – 



Try it. 



When you take an adventure like this, a few different things are possible:

Deeper Appreciation

You appreciate your normal life even more, and experience a deeper level of gratefulness and appreciation for what you have


A New Chapter


You prefer the new life, with an added level of adventure. You then begin the journey of additional exploration.


Best of Both Worlds

A combination of the two – You learn some new things to incorporate to make your new, enriched life even better.


No matter which way you go, you have gained something.

Sample the Life - “Peak Experience”

For a moment, enjoy the life of a King.

” Private Penthouse Made of Dreams. No wasted time planning & researching. “


Larry Munoz

Action / Adventure activities, epic pictures, professional chef (in-house), fast-track to the best restaurants & bars (featuring local hosts & hot girls who love foreign guys).


Ronald Snyder

Awesome group of 4-5 other Chaos Ventured explorers. 


Jessie Hawkins

” I can die happy. “


Sean West

Most men live lives of quiet desperation...

Reignite your sense of adventure

10 years from now, if you look back at all the things you spend time and money on, this experience will be at or near the top because, either way, you will learn something valuable about yourself.





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