The Source of Your Confusion

You experience great confusion, not knowing which way to go. Day after day, year after year. You do not know where to go. You do not know what to do. What is the source of all this confusion?

You do not know what exactly it is you want.

We have too many choices.

If we look at sports markets, we have dozens of sports to choose from. Even within one sport, we have dozens of teams, hundreds of players, sides, totals, props, derivatives.

If we zoom out further, we have bankroll management decisions, choices on how to spend your money, where to invest time and resources, work responsibilities, stock market, real estate.

If you are divided in so many ways, how can you become focused?

Too many choices do not benefit you. Too many choices mean you are likely to dabble.

If you dabble, distraction becomes inevitable. And distracted people get nowhere.

Having no choices, the path is clear.

If your destination is clear, you will get there. But you must know what take out and what to leave in.

If you know the precise direction of where you are going, you can make clear choices in service of the destination.

If you want to succeed, the thing you want to succeed at must be at the forefront of your mind.

If you are lost in a sea of other thoughts, you will get distracted. 

A Specific Destination

Progress is endless.

If you have a specific destination, you will learn & do exactly what you need to arrive at that destination.

You will be making progress, but with a specific destination to keep your path guided.

Thereby, eliminating all confusion.

So, what do you want?