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There’s a voice in my head saying that I really should not be sharing this information, it’s too valuable. But for whatever reason I get more energy when making a video that inspires me dig deeper into each solution to find a new discovery.

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For the masterpiece of my creation, I’ve chosen 13 specific flops featuring unique characteristics and have gone in depth into 2 key matchups: BU vs BB and CU vs BU. When you understand how to play these 13 flops from these positional matchups, it makes it much easier to adjust to any other matchup configuration and shape of range you may encounter.

If you use PIOsolver, I’ve saved the exact files I used and you can download them from your members page.

God Mode Poker Solver: Live Cash Series

Heads up Live Cash Series: Deep Solver Poker Study and Strategy (Doug Polk vs Bill Perkins)

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