Chaos Ventured

Metrics Mike Elite Unders

What you get:

  • Premium totals from Metrics Mike’s professional collection
  • 1-4 Plays per day

Model Details:

Your original secret cheat sheet to MLB success. The Crunch Model projects a true line for every game on the board using the code we’ve written. The Crunch MLB line projections use unique player ratings and predictive algorithms to determine which games have value in the betting market. The ratings are derived from advanced sabermetrics that are contained within seven unique datasets. The numbers are carefully arranged for ease of use so you can quickly get the upper hand over your competition. The Crunch model is one a the few models in the industry that, over a documented and statistically significant sample, has shown a long-term positive ROI!


  • Email & Website post daily around 6:00 pm EST (3:00 PST)