Chaos Ventured


What you get:

  • Exclusive Access: Daily 1st inning RFI model
  • Official 1st inning plays

Model Details:

I’ve built a model to project 1st inning scoring by each team using official lineups. The model has been running for 4 months, here are the results so far:

Model projects over 1.08 runs: 117 times
Yes: 66-51 (57%)

Model projects under .91 runs: 416 times
No: 243-173 (58%)


Make sure you have access to a few sportbooks so you can capture the best line possible.

Max 10 people (then this info goes private to maintain our edge).

All revenue from memberships are reinvested into developers and data science to continue building useful tools. If you need to cancel for whatever reason: simply reply to an email or visit your /account page.


  • via email the night before games

Note: If you already have an account you must login first for the system to confirm signup to your same email: