Success (without the pain)

The journey to success is found through many ups and downs. Many pains and disappointments.

Often times, when one arrives at ultimate success, he is scarred and wounded. He is inflicted by many demons he encountered on his path. Most of the journey was lived in pain, disappointment, turmoil, strife.

The question arises – To become an ultimate success, does it require all the years of pain?

Would it not be better to go on the journey of success and achieve success without the scars? Is such a thing even possible?

It is possible, if one understands the truth. But the truth is rarely told.

I will reveal to you exactly what I wish I would have known when when I began my journey. It would have saved me a lot of pain, time, and money.

The truth is, it is ones addiction to pleasurable outcomes that creates the pain.

Naturally, one seeks success as the outcome. But there are two different ways of viewing things:

  • – Outcomes as pleasurable rewards
  • – Outcomes as natural effect of a cause

The ultimate arrival at success without strife lies in examining results in a neutral fashion.

Examining results in order to discover if the methodologies have worked or not. And if they have, great. If they have not, one must return to the drawing board. This does not lead to strife.

But more often the result is viewed as an emotional pain or emotional reward. One goes through the journey on the vehicle of hope. Which is a disaster at every turn. So long as one hopes, so long as he begs for a certain result, he is begging to receive a dose of pleasure. This is not right or wrong, it simply leads to strife.

I rode the emotional roller coaster for years. These are truths I wish I would have realized sooner.

The seeker of truth examines the cause, and he examines the effect. If the effect is not to his plan, then he modifies the cause and examines the effect once again. There is no emotional baggage. There is no hope. There is simply a deep examination, a neutral examination of the truth. Of what actually works, and what does not. This does not lead to strife.

One may examine for himself, does he wish to achieve success with years of turmoil that he will never get back? Or does he wish to achieve success with years of freedom? Having both, the freedom in the journey, and the reward.

Everything has a truth. If the effect has not been produced, this means the cause has not been produced. Understanding this, the man of truth has no strife.