The Truth about Work

The truth about work is that most people are unsatisfied. They are bored. They feel intense pressure and anxiety around the topic of money. Regardless of how much money they make.

Virtually no one is truly satisfied. And work is the central form of imprisonments for most people.

The truth is humans are not made for work.

If you try to seek satisfaction where none exists, there will only be suffering. Life becomes endless suffering. If you want to remove the suffering, you must find the truth.

Working for money is a concept that has enslaved almost all human beings. If we examine this concept from a bird’s eye view, the concept says that the man does work in order to gain money.

This is perfectly logical. But the truth lies in the effect. What is the effect of a person who works for money?

The truth is a human is an organism made a particular way with a heart, and a brain, and the mind. The effect of working for money zaps the internal resources of this human. It destroys his inspiration and dampens his spirit. The human basically becomes a mule animal in order to acquire money. From here, the human being does not truly live, he becomes a Slave.

He knows that if he does not do the work, he will not get the money. And if he does not get the money then he will not be able to put the food on the table, pay the mortgage, and all the various domestic expenses that are present in a human being’s life.

While the concept is logical that if a human being wants to live in the world, he needs money, therefore he must do work in order to get the money so that he can live in the world.

The concept is logical.

But it is the effect that must be examined. Not the logic. For the logic may be as logical as possible but if the effect is the death of the human being while he lives, this logic has no relevance.

Upon learning this, do I recommend someone to quit their job? No, that is not the point. It is simply to observe what is happening.

Wisdom comes in doing something that enlivens one’s spirit. Enlivens one’s inspiration. Something that comes from the human, that allows the human to flourish.

Not work. Work is death nail. Work is a coffin. Work is a prison.

Freedom, inspiration, motivation, heartfelt longing, genuine engagement, these things are the true wealth. And when these are present, it happens that the money tends to follow.

Living in this is best of both worlds, creating both inner and outer wealth.

Humans are taught to be slaves, to work for money.

Truth is found in remaining in the bounds of what the organism was made to do. This is evidenced by how he feels while doing it.

When a person loses himself in the activity, he will not feel any turmoil. No matter the short-term outcomes, there will be no discontent, no dissatisfaction.

This is the litmus test if you are doing what you are made to do. Or if you are engaging in something for which you are not fundamentally made.

This will be the guide towards finding your natural environment, your natural domain.