ARE You Living your best life?

I’ve used sports analytics & data science to build a life of freedom and adventure. Now, I’ll reveal my exact blueprint that anyone can replicate. 

Modern Employment is slavery

Consider the Tradeoff
  • 8 hours sleeping 
  • 8 hours working 
  • 4 hours of routine (eat, shower, drive, transition)

You are left with 4 hours for yourself. Are you living your best life with these 4 hours? 

If you accept the terms of modern employment, you are making a large bet that sacrificing all your best time and energy right now, your future happiness in retirement will be better than freedom right now. Are you sure this assumption is correct?

Your ticket to The dream life

Data Science – A specific plan to escape the rat race, live the life of your dreams, and secure your future (ALL at the SAME TIME).

The SECRET PATH REVEALED: Leverage your interest in sports betting to create focus and drive to learn and improve. Society tells you to improve on your weaknesses. I’ve found this to be wrong. It’s much better to double and triple down on your strengths. Mastery in one area will allow you to know all things.



Man PLUS Machine

Humans playing the sports markets without computer computation will get destroyed.
Computers algorithms playing the sports markets without understanding context will get destroyed.

Rather than computer vs human, it will be the combination of Man PLUS Machine that will take the throne – Similar to what happened in world championship chess.

Known as Freestyle Chess, this is the combination of man playing alongside the help of a computer. Combining human intuition, creativity and empathy with a computer’s brute-force ability to remember and calculate a staggering number of moves, countermoves and outcomes creates a combination that produces a force that plays better chess than either humans or computers can manage on their own.

This same concept is your chance to get ahead of the sporting markets.

Opportunity: NBA PROPS

When projecting NBA Props, there’s a wide gap right now between the generic data the public uses to make picks, and the data available to professional.

I’ve spent years building models, and I’m giving you access to the tools I personally use.

Why would I do this?

After years of hard work to develop my winning models, I start to destroy the sportsbooks. And you know what they do?


So this is my way of getting back at the sportsbooks. Get access to my tools, beat the sportsbooks, and build the life of your dreams. 

Your Dream Life is waiting for you