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How to Build a Sports Betting Model

[Video 1] Intro to Correlation – How to Make a Sports Betting Model in Excel

[Video 2] How to Build a Baseball Betting Model in Excel

Behind-the-Scenes” peek as the BaseWinner show you how to build a sports betting model in excel.

Including how to create your own projected lines to make a MLB Baseball betting model.

[VIDEO 3] HOW TO BUILD AN NFL Football BETTING MODEL [regression Analysis]

Learn how to develop a football betting model in excel using regression analysis and statistics.

[VIDEO 4] HOW TO BUILD A NFL Football BETTING MODEL for sports betting [Power Ratings using Solver]

This video shows how to create “power ratings” and projected scores when building a sports betting model using Excel’s Solver on NFL final score data. 

[VIDEO 5] HOW TO BUILD A Predictive NFL Football BETTING MODEL [Strength of Schedule using Solver]

This video reveals how to make your own predictive sports gambling model to
calculate strength of schedule using NFL final score data.  Now you have the tools to start building a sports betting bankroll using predictive analytics and gambling data science.

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