Chaos Ventured

The Path to Freedom

I will reveal to you exactly what I wish I would have known when when I began my journey.

It would have saved me a lot of pain, time, and money.

Success (without the pain)

The journey to success is found through many ups and downs. Many pains and disappointments.

Often times, when one arrives at ultimate success, he is scarred and wounded. He is inflicted by many demons he encountered on his path. Most of the journey was lived in pain, disappointment, turmoil, strife. 

The question arises – To become an ultimate success, does it require all the years of pain? 

Would it not be better to go on the journey of success and achieve success without the scars? Is such a thing even possible?

Confidence (without the anxiety)

It’s a rush.

The emotional spike at the thought of winning, and the alternative fear of losing.

But is it a trap?

Let’s investigate the mathematics of this attachment. Let’s compare the time spent in happiness versus the time spend in anxiety.