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ARE You Living your best life?

I’ve used sports analytics & data science to build a life of freedom and adventure. Now, I’ll reveal my exact blueprint… 

Leverage Your Natural Interests: Learn & Earn.
Learn how to bet on sports & Earn using statistics and analytics

To build a dream lifestyle, I’ve used the system of Learn & Earn. I focus only on learning skills that are immediately useful to instantly EARNING.

I’ve found that using a natural interest you have and building useful skills around that interest is a far better way to find success. Using my interest in sports, I was naturally interested and motived to learn ways to model and project performance. As it turns out, these are highly valuable data science skills. And this style of learning is much more fun than a boring classroom of stale problem sets & examples.

The second part of “Learn & Earn” naturally becomes “Apply & Acquire.” If you immediately use the new skills you learn, applying it to something you are interested in, you have a better chance to genuinely acquire that skill for future use, without any effort.

Learn & Earn

Before you know it, you are a wizard with skills that pay all the bills. It feels as if you never had to “try” through any part of it. You simply lost yourself in the adventure, doing something you enjoy. I’ll show you the path I’ve taken through data science and sports modeling to get where I am now. No academic fluff. Only valuable things you can use.

Apply & Acquire

When you build systems of earning money using the powerful dissection capabilities of your brain, you enter a different dimension of life. Aside from the material benefits, I’ve found the intellectual challenge of building models and staying ahead of the markets to be genuinely fun & satisfying.


Man PLUS Machine

If you have read this far,
Perhaps you are ready to take your life to the next level.

Computers & AI are taking over, stay on the crest of these waves and learn how to use the
data science tools for your advantage.

Humans playing the sports gambling markets without computer computation will get beat.
Computers algorithms playing the sports betting markets without understanding context will get beat.

Rather than computer vs human, it will be the combination of Man PLUS Machine that will take the throne – Similar to what happened in world championship chess.

Known as Freestyle Chess, this is the combination of man playing alongside the help of a computer. Combining human intuition, creativity and empathy with a computer’s brute-force ability to remember and calculate a staggering number of moves, countermoves and outcomes creates a combination that produces a force that plays better chess than either humans or computers can manage on their own.

This same concept is your chance to get ahead of the sporting betting markets.

Your Dream Life is waiting for you