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NBA – Sunday, March 21

Sides for Sunday, March 21 will be posted daily around 6:30 pm EST (3:30 PST). Totals and player props will begin on Tuesday, March 22!

Recommendation: I use a sizing of “to win” 1* on the 1stQ, if it losses, I will play 1-2* on the 1st Half spread live betting line (typically if a team is +2 for the game, and they are down 8 points, this 1H spread will be around +6 or +8. If the 1st half spread play does not win, I will consider playing the 2H for 2-4*. This has been a great system for accumulating bet volume to clear deposit bonuses while also turning a profit.


NBA Sides – Sunday, March 21 

1* Orlando 1Q +3