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The plan I used to launch my path to freedom

The “bonus whore”

Sportsbooks are competing for customers. They must offer incentives in the form of bonuses to attract new customers. When building your bankroll, it is possible to earn 2k/month if you intelligently (and legally) take advantage of these incentives.

Some of the new books offer $500 free bets when you sign up for a new account. The specific bonus I like to attack is the deposit bonus (with rollover requirement). Meaning if you deposit $2,000 they will add an additional 25% ($500) as a bonus.

When you are comparing bonuses against each other, you want to find the highest percentage bonus with the lowest rollover requirements. That means you can extract the profit quickly, clean the money, and do it all over again.

I will show you the math now on how much you can expect to earn, given different bet sizes and play volume.

Here is the specific plan I used to start with a replenishable bankroll of $5,000-10,000. “Replenishable” meaning I had a normal job as a source of income as well, during this time. This is important as you gain experience and build your bankroll. You never want to be playing with money you can’t afford to lose. It’s better to get job and save a bit of money at the same time as you are developing your sports analytics skills. Once you have documented results and you bankroll increases, then you can decide to quit your job and go full time, if you want.

Specific Action Plan:

Step 1: Identify 2-3 books with favorable bonus incentives. Deposit ~2k in each. (at the rate of 8x rollover, this will require $60,000 in action to clear a 25% bonus of $1,500).

Step 2: Play as many props as I can, with the expectation of breaking even. It sounds strange to a beginner, but with this strategy, my goal is to clear the bonus as fast as possible, so a high volume of breakeven (or ideally, slightly profitable) plays gets the job done.

Example (average month of action):

30 Props Per Day @ $50/Props = $1,500/ day = $45,000/month

8 Sides/Totals Per Day @ $100 = $800/day = $24,000/month

Total Action Rollover = $69,000/month (Remember $20,000 rollover required for each $500 bonus). When you clear a bonus at any of the sportsbooks, it’s important to immediately withdraw the money and either redeposit (for a new bonus) or deposit in a different sportsbook (for another bonus).

Monthly Profit:

Clearing 3.5 Deposit bonuses of $500 each = $1,750 profit (if you breakeven on all bets)

If you can also earn a small profit on the results of your plays: +$250 = $2,000 monthly profit

As you improve your prop selections your overall results will also improve! I have certain category of prop plays that I bet for a higher bet size than others. And using these, I’ve had +$4,000 months, in addition to accumulating the deposit bonuses!

Added Bonus:

When you have 3-4 active books you are using, you can make your plays at the best line available. You will be surprised to learn how different the lines can be from sportsbook to sportsbook, especially on props. And when you are playing significant volume like this, it makes an big difference to your overall win rate at the end of each month. Plus spreading out your action keeps your strategy camouflaged from any one particular sportsbook, allowing you to keep doing this month after month. 

There it is!  The specific path I used to build a life of freedom and adventure.