Chaos Ventured

MLB Elite Totals 2022

What you get:

  • Early Access: Daily model projections using the top player projection systems
  • Explosive Over plays each day
  • Elite Under plays each day

Model Details:

One of my favorite ways to handicap is by using multiple models, each using different methods of analysis, that ultimately agree in a particular play.
So this season, rather than having only 1 baseball model,  I’ve setup a way to view and track various component models, all using different top sources of player projections and ways to calculate what the betting line should be.
Steamer, Zips, ATC, The Bat, Pecota.
Each method has it’s strengths, and weaknesses. The objective this season will be to identify the specific areas of strength of each system.

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  • Overnight around 7:30 pm EST (4:30 PST)